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Baccarat (Game Guide 2021)

How To Play Baccarat There is a number of Baccarat versions available. The most common version is the Punto Banca, and due to its reputation, it is usually referred to as just Baccarat. The game is generally played with eight packs of cards (this may vary by location). A unique scoring system is used for … Read more

Video Poker (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Video Poker Video Poker is an exciting new variation of slot gaming that merges the ease associated with slots with poker gaming fun. The game just needs you to be familiar with the hands dealt in poker and you are ready to win big! The game is relatively young as compared to the … Read more

Craps (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Craps Craps is arguably one of the most fun dice games to be invented. The game traces its origins to Sir William of Tyre in 1125 AD during the Crusades. Sir William and his troops played the game which was then called ‘hazard’, as a pastime as they lay siege on a castle … Read more

Roulette (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Roulette Roulette the ‘darling game’ of the casinos, with the classic wheel and moving ball, is the creation of a french physicist “Blaise Pascal”. The name “roulette” means the ‘little wheel’ and was accidently invented, as he was not trying to make a casino game. In fact, he was conducting experiments on making … Read more

Slots (Game Guide 2021)

The Best Online Slots Slots are the most played casino games on earth. Even with the advent of technology, it has not slowed down this phenomenon. If anything, the numbers keep on swelling thanks to the constant update of available slots games. Every week new games are added to the roster, and it is still … Read more

Bonus Poker (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Bonus Poker Welcome to Bonus Poker games, a video slot, where you can win incredible payouts with just a few ins and outs rules of the game. The bonus poker machine will give enticing and generous quirks that will unbelievably reduce the casino’s edge by a significant margin. Coming under different titles this … Read more

Bingo (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Bingo Bingo a form of lottery that has taken the online route now has some real history. Different Bingo games are a direct scion of Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, the national lottery of Italy. After the unification of Italy in 1530, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia has been held without break on … Read more

Scratch Cards (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Scratch Cards Experience the epitome of fun in gaming on Scratch Cards. If you are looking to break the monotony of video slots and have fun outside the box, then Scratch cards games are your way out. With no major complications in playing, this game will turn your money into multiples. The cards … Read more

Keno (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Keno If you are intrigued by long odds with the potential to offer you a life-changing payday, then Keno is the perfect game for you. It is simple to learn and can even be played from as low as one dollar. The game is thought to have originated from China around the year … Read more

Caribbean Stud Poker (Game Guide 2021)

Introduction To Caribbean Stud Poker Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the finest yet easy to play casino games in the modern poker gaming world. Caribbean stud poker strategy involves few moves between the dealer of the house and the players until such a time when the dealer expressly instructs ‘no more bets’ at least … Read more